HE HAS RISEN!! Just in time to reap the spoils of Mars Hill Church dissolution?


On December 1, 2014, Mark Driscoll registered for a new 501(c)3 in the great state of Texas.  What is to stop “Learning for Living” from being a recipient of the remaining 2014 funds?  This is one month before the dissolution of Mars Hill Church, the “most abusive and coercive church” in recent church history.

The eleven “replants” may get a small portion each, plus all the debt.  The 2014 Global Fund donations, the $3million donated to the Jesus Festival, the continued plea for donations all year long – where is the money going? Where has it been spent?  Will the remaining elders still remain quiet as they wait to see what morsel of the money they get for their replant?

This is why there needs to be full transparency. Please support the Mediation Fund.


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