Mars Hill Church – Behold your King!

Driscoll 6

On December 1, 2014, Mark Driscoll registered for a new 501(c)3 in the great state of Texas called “Living for Learning.” He has launched a new ministry, just weeks after resigning from a church which under his leadership has been described as “the most abusive and coercive” church.

The work of several hundred of Mars Hill Church volunteers and employees, and millions of dollars’ worth of sermons, video productions, and other property, along with a likely lucrative severance package paid at a time when the church was on its knees financially, has apparently all gone to Mark Driscoll.

But of course, since 22 elders voted away their authority in 2007, Mark Driscoll consolidated his power. This is what Paul Petry and Bent Meyer warned against before they were ruthlessly fired and slandered. As a result any agreements made in recent years between Mars Hill Church and Mark Driscoll increasingly became agreements made by Mark Driscoll, the president of Mars Hill Church, and Mark Driscoll, the person, so it seems.

It is no wonder that the “replanted” churches were told that they could not use the name Mars Hill Church. That name and its brand probably also belongs to Mark Driscoll. Despite the reality that the church was started by three men, Mike Gunn, Lief Moi, and Mark Driscoll, and built by the hard work of hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours from members, plus millions of dollars of their donations, it now seems to all belong to Mark Driscoll.

And the distribution of the remaining assets?

The debt will go to the new replants (if the debt-holder agrees). Some sort of dollar amount may go to the eleven replants as long as their lead “pastors” stay quiet, it appears.  But they could also go to a like-minded not-for-profit. One formed in Texas perhaps?

Therefore it is no wonder that Mark Driscoll’s new organization is formed one month before the dissolution of the corporation known as Mars Hill Church.

This is why there needs to be full transparency. Please support the Mediation Fund.


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