How much does Mark Driscoll and his Executive Elders earn?

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It is merely a matter of time before the salaries and compensation packages of the Executive Elders become public.  Members have asked what those salaries are, but no answers have been forthcoming. Some members who have asked have in return been asked to leave the church.

To prepare the reader for the eventual news of how much Mark Driscoll, as lead pastor is paid, as well as Sutton Turner and Dave Bruskas, I thought that I would give you the comparative salaries of some key top executives who run some pretty substantial organizations.

Organization Top Executive Salary Benefits Total Total Revenue
World Vision Richard Stearns $405,975 $50,743 $456,718 $1,009,722,239
Samaritan’s Purse Franklin Graham $440,927 $181,325 $622,252 $456,140,314
BGEA Franklin Graham $205,919 $34,722 $240,641 $106,000,000
Medical Teams Intl Bastian Vanderzalm $156,652 $28,892 $185,544 $150,000,000
Doctors without Borders Sophie Delaunay $142,015 $15,977 $157,992 $200,000,000
YMCA Niel Nicoll $456,633 $44,552 $501,185 $93,700,000
Average $258,303 $50,887 $309,190 $287,937,508

Note that the average revenue for these groups is $288 million dollars per year. The average salary and benefits for the CEO is $309,000.

To put this in perspective, Mars Hill Church’s revenue in 2013 was just over $20 million. This is a fraction of the average of the above organizations.

So, when you eventually hear what Mark Driscoll earns, keep in mind that the average leaders of the above large nonprofit organizations, who are managing organizations substantially larger than the size of Mars Hill Church in every respect, earn an average of $309,000 in salary and benefits per year.


18 thoughts on “How much does Mark Driscoll and his Executive Elders earn?

  1. Several years ago our church also was convinced by the pastor that salaries should not be made public. Not too long after that, the entire budget was only shared in catagories with total amounts of how much was spent in children’s ministry, worship, salaries, etc. Then, the elders and deacons were taken out of the decision-making process and they now have an executive board of the senior pastor, his brother, the business manager, and a bank vice-president. While the congregation “votes” on elders and deacons, it is suspected that the votes are not considered and the leadership hand-picks the people who are put into those positions. This summer, in their letter to the congregation (which still gets to “vote” on the budget – though, again, no one really believes the “votes” matter) they said there substantial raise in the budget for salaries was due to bringing them into line with the salaries of other church staff of churches of similar size. Well, there’s a big difference between a church of 2500 attenders in Atlanta or Chicago or Los Angeles and a church in southeast Iowa. Yet there was no mention of demographics, cost of living comparisons, etc. Still, 2500 people giving blindly. It boggles the mind.

  2. 2013:
    Mark: $750k (salary increased $200k in both 2012 & 2013 – In 2011 it was around $350k)
    Sutton: $330k
    Dave: $250k
    This does not include housing allowances or additional bonuses or benefits.

  3. I remember listening to a Driscoll sermon a few years ago where Mark claimed that his salary was only around 70K. I don’t remember which sermon though, but if Jack’s numbers are accurate, then Mark out and out lied to his congregation.

  4. “2013:
    Mark: $750k (salary increased $200k in both 2012 & 2013 – In 2011 it was around $350k)
    Sutton: $330k
    Dave: $250k
    This does not include housing allowances or additional bonuses or benefits.”

    If these are accurate, 200K increase, for what, screwing up and being a clown.

  5. money isn’t the root
    of all kinds of evil
    it’s the love of money
    that is so corrupting
    and that’s why
    here at this church
    we hate the love of money
    we preach against the love of money
    we teach against the love of money
    we screech against the love of money
    but money itself
    with all the wonderful
    things it can do
    for God
    and the gospel
    of course
    of course
    of course
    well something so wonderful
    so powerful
    so great
    something so pure in and of itself
    we cannot help but
    love love love
    so much that we want
    as much as we possibly
    can get our hands on
    don’t judge us if we do a few
    shady or sinful things to get it
    don’t look down on our enthusiasm
    if we twist a few verses
    if we spin God’s story
    and our own
    or if we refuse to tell you
    just how much we actually make
    our hearts are pure
    we just want pure innocent money
    to do God’s work
    to spread the gospel
    of course
    of course
    of course

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  9. Pastors’ salary should be whatever the collective church can afford with full transparency.
    Church structure should be set up so the pastor receives what a church board agrees to pay.
    If your a member of a church whose finances are controlled by the Pastor, you need to leave!!!

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