Sutton Turner – Please stop the Christianese!

masking the truth

With all due respect to Sutton Turner, we are getting tired of listening and watching the leadership of Mars Hill Church use Christian terms, language, and concepts in their apparent desire to hide or avoid the truth.

The current updates, explanations and apologies are beginning be become somewhat humorous, if they weren’t so obviously deceptive and evasive. Read anything that has emerged from the BOAA or its members in the last three months to see what I mean. They do not want to just talk in plain English and deal with the questions members have.

In the latest release, Sutton Turner, avoids answering members questions about the illegalities of the Orange Country campus by saying “I am hoping and praying to be given the opportunity to speak personally and privately with the person who is raising these issues publicly. I want to discuss these matters brother to brother (Matt. 5:23, 18:15). My prayer is to reconcile with my brother first before responding broadly.””

Knowing how the leadership works at Mars Hill Church, this is not only another attempt to avoid answering the question, but Sutton Turner is implying that he is, as Matt 5:23 states, planning to clear the matter up with Kyle Firstenberg before doing anything else. “Therefore if you are presenting your offering at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, 24leave your offering there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and present your offering.…”

This sounds very godly, but in fact has nothing to do with telling curious members the truth of the willful zoning violations in Orange County. It is also deceptive, as there has been no indication that Sutton Turner dropped everything a few weeks ago when the story broke in order to pursue reconciliation with Kyle as Matt 5 suggests. .

What has telling the truth to church members got to do with Matt 18? What has reconciliation with Kyle got to do with telling the truth.

The mother of all Christianese was the 140 plus page document answering members questions about the trial and subsequent shunning of Paul Petry

Click to access elders-response-to-questions-11-9-07.pdf

The language is nauseating.

Talks of elders consecrating themselves.. the petty sins of offenders and questioners as “grievous” and oozing of deep love for the members that they are pulverizing with their harsh actions.

Why don’t they just use plain old English and tell us the truth.


One thought on “Sutton Turner – Please stop the Christianese!

  1. “Through some brief discussions during the AGM, it became evident that there were concerns held by some, and possibly many, about a lack of communication from the Eldership over some current issues. It is possible that some may have interpreted this also to be a lack of action. The Eldership take these concerns seriously, understanding that a lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings and relationship breakdown. And, a lack of action hinders reconciliation, which is our desire.”

    “Regarding some of the current family challenges, we want to assure you that we are addressing these diligently and trust we are working towards resolution. It would be inappropriate for us to openly discuss any family situation with the wider body unless we believed it was an issue that related to the entire body.” (Email from Cornerstone Christian Church elders to members – Nov 2012)

    Sound familiar? The “issues” remain unresolved to this day and the “action” taken was to rewrite history and hound the ex-elders out of the church. And the elders obviously haven’t clued on that reconciliation is slightly difficult to achieve if you refuse to talk to those you’ve wounded.

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