Mark Driscoll was charged with sexual harassment – what was the verdict?

Sexua Harrassment 1

A total of 42 former elders of Mars Hill Church asked if Mars Driscoll was guilty of sexual harassment.  This charge was presented by 21 named elders plus 21 unnamed witnesses.

Many of these men are currently pastors in other churches. It is their charges that were being investigated by the Board of Elders (BoE), whose unreleased report has been reported to be in conflict with the findings of the Board of Advisors and Accountability (BoAA).

Failure to adequately address this issue will give complimentarians a black eye, and divert valid criticism away from the crass and sinful sexual harassment of women that occurred at Mars Hill Church.

Here is what the 21 former elders wrote in their formal charges against Mars Driscoll.

5. Sexual harassment of another Lead Pastor by way of inappropriate comment about his sex life.

10. Is Pastor Mark guilty of sexual harassment in the form of sexual immorality in speech (Eph 5:3)? We are aware of a number of credible reports of inappropriate sexually-oriented comments that Pastor Mark has made to and about other men’s wives, particularly in casual social settings.

My wife has been a part of a closed women-only group on Facebook that has women ex-members of Mars Hill Church sharing their stories. Only now, after a similar group posted in the Facebook group, re:Connect, have I been able to read the accounts.

They are eye-opening.

The level of denigrating women as sex-objects and objectifying them in so many subtle ways is deeply disturbing. I am deeply moved and long to see this harm to women corrected by the Mars Hill Church Board of Elders. They can do so in the following way:

1. Clearly identify and admit the problem.

2. Hold Mark Driscoll to account for his actions and teachings (a sample of which is outlined in the above-referenced and recent charges against Mark Driscoll, and of course, there are the “William Wallace II” rants).

3. Reach out to the women who have suffered hurt and make amends on behalf of the church.

4. Immediately release the verdict of the Board of Elders relating to these particular charges.

On behalf of hundreds of women that have attended Mars Hill Church, I appeal to the Board of Elders to release their investigation of these charges.

Sexual Harrassment 3


3 thoughts on “Mark Driscoll was charged with sexual harassment – what was the verdict?

  1. Thank you for writing this article. The WW writings were so upsetting for me. I heard that they were started as some type of “standing up” for a woman who was being mistreated, that is so unsettling to me. I was really saddened by the lack of concern or care that people within the MH church and Mark fans had about those writings, (which were a pretty good glimpse into underlying attitudes) Such empathy, where outside newspapers and blogs were the ones to raise concerns. I realize your article is bringing to light actual interactions that Mark and other elders had with real women, not just ideas on chat rooms. I hope there is an outcry of compassion from the church for these women.

  2. Man I love this Blog name, I have been under the bus so many times I thought I lived there. lol I am new to your blog and your history, present & future. Are you currently ministering weekly to a group of folks in Washington?

  3. As long as men are taught to believe they can and should, stand in between a woman and God- (the ‘soft’ version is called ‘as head’ over her) this will never, ever stop. I worry for Gods sons. God is God, and any man who places himself between a woman and her heavenly Father is walking in a dangerous place. The same is true of any man or woman who takes that place in another human being’s life. Our thirst for power is as transparent as ever-we need to change.
    That’s what I think.

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