A.J.Hamilton, Tim Smith, Bubba Jennings and Bill Clem – 18 witnesses reveal your sins against Paul Petry.

Four pastors that have not repented

Now come 18 men who are bearing witness to the enormity of their own sin of participating in the firing, trial, disqualifying as elder, and the shunning of Paul Petry, and the firing and trial of Bent Meyer. These 18 witnesses have now publicly acknowledged their complicitness in false accusations and slander against two inncocent men. These sins were as serious as the 18 witnesses describe. The sins were devastating not only to the Petry and Meyer families, but the to the church as a whole.

These 18 men now bear witness to the sins of the four pastors mentioned above, who, by the very testimony of their colleagues, participated in these sinful acts.

The following men participated in the sinful and harmful acts of 2007, and had the opportunity to share in repenting, yet turned it down. Yet they continue to be considered qualified to be pastors!

Pastor Bubba Jennings.  Bubba Jennings is the pastor of Mars Hill Church Tacoma.

Pastor Tim Smith. Tim Smith is the pastor of Mars Hill Church Portland, who recently fired Mark Dunford of the Noble Nine within hours of the call of the Noble Nine to discipline Mark Driscoll.

Pastor A.J. Hamiliton. A.J. Hamilton pastors at Mars Hill Church Huntington Beach.  He has not talked to Paul Petry since 2007, and recently told me that Paul was “fine” and had a great community around him. He completely dismissed the sin that 18 of his colleagues have now attested to.

Pastor Bill Clem. Bill Clem is a pastor at Rick McKinley’s Imago Dei Church in Portland. Clem does not reference his tenure at either Doxa (now Mars Hill Church West Seattle) or Mars Hill Church itself. Bill Clem was one of the older men in 2007, who was complicit in and participated in the sinful actions perpetrated against innocent men, and has gone on with ministry without addressing his actions of 2007.

I mention these men because they are all continuing to pastor churches as if they had no responsibility for the sins that 18 witnesses now attest to.

These men ought to step down from ministry or face just and reasonable church discipline over their well-witnessed sins.

For the men that pastor Mars Hill Churches, at least until January 2015, the current bylaws allow any two elders to remove them from membership. Except for charges against the lead pastor, it seems that the current bylaws do not lay out how to handle charges against these men.

But at least the charges would be in line with 1 Timothy 5:19-21. Two or three witnesses are required. In this case, we have 18.


6 thoughts on “A.J.Hamilton, Tim Smith, Bubba Jennings and Bill Clem – 18 witnesses reveal your sins against Paul Petry.

  1. A very thorough analysis of the type of critique that should be applied to former and current MH leaders. Valuable insight for members making decisions about who to follow and essential criteria for restructuring.


    Brad’s main contentions: 1) We Need to Start with the Assumption that Mars Hill Leaders
    Will Implant Toxic DNA in any New Church/Ministry Situation 2) Unresolved Issues = Uncleared Reputation.

    One important quote (of many): “Don’t skip over the realities of re-qualification for leadership, but engage in a repentance and restoration process that is overseen by others before there is any potential resumption in a role of public leadership ministry.”

  2. And Jamie Munson, the trickster that authored the by-laws and stonewalled the truth, where did you so conveniently disappear to? I haven’t forgotten and neither has The Lord.

  3. MH-Olympia remains unexamined. Mulkey (who was fired in December 2013 and landed at a Four Square church in Olympia) and Seth (current pastor) have much to answer for. Seth’s email castigation of Matt Chandler and the Acts 29 Board of Directors has not come to public light. His abuse and shunning of any number of people that questioned or opposed MH directives (local or corporate) has not been held up for public examination. He has not, to my knowlege, repented to or approached any former or current members of Olympia seeking reconciliation or information about the harm done to them in the name of church growth. MH Oly has had virtually NO community impact or outreach for its six year existence. Seth has not be held to account for asking CG leaders to encourage attractive CG women to become greeters in order to market MH Oly well to young men. He has not been held to account for maligning and then actively shunning a long time, original MH Olympia member who was confined to a wheelchair due to Cerebral Palsy. He has not been questioned about his manipulation and machinations to oust the former LP Steve Mulkey (who has enough broken relationships as a result of his time at MH Oly to keep him busy for a year). Seth worked with MH Ballard/Corporate to get Mulkey fired (right before Christmas no less). This current LP and his board of elders and deacons have destroyed numerous relationships and shunned a number of families all in the name of following Mark Driscoll’s directives. If actions are windows into the health of a person’s heart and soul, then the leadership at MH Olympia is suffering from terminal agnosticism. Nothing that they have enacted or encouraged has made Jesus’ name seem splendid in the south sound. And now they are starting a church plant all to the glory of themselves…

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