Driscoll, Turner, and Bruskas? Is it all about money (their salaries) or all about Jesus?

2 million dollars

Do Mark Driscoll , Sutton Turner, and Dave Bruskas earn more that the combined salaries of the 21 elders that have filed charges against Mark Driscoll?

Do they earn more in a couple of weeks than a full year’s support for the 40 or so church planters in Ethiopia?

Just a reminder that it is merely a matter of time before the salaries and compensation packages of the Executive Elders become public.  Former elders, current elders, donors, and members have asked that the executive salaries/compensation packages be disclosed, but no answers have been forthcoming. Some members who have asked have in return been asked to leave the church.

Are the executive elders ashamed to release this information? Are the rumors of a seven-figure salary for Driscoll and several hundred thousand dollar salaries for Turner and Bruskas believable?

Could it be possible that about 10% of the Mars Hill Church budget goes to compensate the three executuve elders?

Soon we will know.

Any day now

To prepare the reader for the eventual news of how much Mark Driscoll, as lead pastor is paid, as well as Sutton Turner and Dave Bruskas, I thought that I would give you the comparative salaries of some key top executives who run some pretty substantial organizations.

Organization Top Executive Salary Benefits Total Total Revenue
World Vision Richard Stearns $405,975 $50,743 $456,718 $1,009,722,239
Samaritan’s Purse Franklin Graham $440,927 $181,325 $622,252 $456,140,314
BGEA Franklin Graham $205,919 $34,722 $240,641 $106,000,000
Medical Teams Intl Bastian Vanderzalm $156,652 $28,892 $185,544 $150,000,000
Doctors without Borders Sophie Delaunay $142,015 $15,977 $157,992 $200,000,000
YMCA Niel Nicoll $456,633 $44,552 $501,185 $93,700,000
Average $258,303 $50,887 $309,190 $287,937,508

Note that the average revenue for each of the above groups is $288 million dollars per year. The average salary and benefits for their CEO is $309,000.

To put this in perspective, Mars Hill Church’s revenue in 2013 was just over $20 million. This is a fraction of the average of the above organizations.

So, when you eventually hear what Mark Driscoll earns, keep in mind that the average leaders of the above large nonprofit organizations, who are managing organizations substantially larger than the size of Mars Hill Church in every respect, earn an average of $309,000 in salary and benefits per year.


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