The MH wounded… where are Acts 29, TGC, T4G, and real shepherds?

“The credibility of the church will rise and fall on how it treats the weak and wounded. Mark Driscoll called former friends and former pastors ‘bodies under the bus’ and was hoping for a mountain of them. I know of no high-profile pastor who has publicly called for prayer for those bodies.” Matt Redmond writes in an excellent post (link).

The sheep continue to hurt as men who propped up, enabled, supported, lauded, and benefitted from Mark Driscoll make comments about praying for and supporting Driscoll while they have no words of concern for the sheep.

As the discussion continues within the church analyzing how the Mars Hill Church rise and fall happened, certain men are going to have to speak. It would be healing to all if they spoke words of comfort and prayer for the thousands who have been harmed in so many countless ways.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some of the men we need to hear from:

Pray 2  pray 4pray 5   Pray 8

Pray 7   pray 11 dacarson 2pray chan 1   pray dever 2pray keller and piper 1   Pray rick warren 1pray tripp 2   pray wilson 1


pray breshears 1   pray breshears 2

pray darrin ed   pray stetzer


and finally… just for the sake of a little humor…..

Pray - humor


10 thoughts on “The MH wounded… where are Acts 29, TGC, T4G, and real shepherds?

  1. In todays world how can we expect this. Church is big business. The poor and needy cannot pay and might keep those who can away – so – they gotta go (I so well know!!!).

    Somewhere along the line Mark Driscoll and those who became his henchmen threw their own humanity under the bus (likely as they threw so many others under the bus). They seared their own conscience with hot irons. I doubt they even feel it when they do evil.

    And so what happened happened.

    What came about in 2007 was simply a socially engineered coup. Mark Driscoll and henchmen carefully stacked the court so that they could thwart due process and produce new by-laws giving them control forever. They hijacked Mars Hill Church! Then they turned it into “Mark’s Hill Money Machine.” They were not intending to build a church and indeed absolutely destroyed a church.

    Mark Driscoll and henchmen hijacked a church and turned it into a money machine. This has caused great pain and loss. This is and was a public offense. Is not the thwarting of due process illegal? Perhaps the attorney general should become involved.

    Regardless of that the thwarting of due process turning Mars Hill from church into money machine is what needs to be the emphasis of protest regarding Mark Driscoll and his henchmen.

    If the skeleton of Mars Hill Church is to ever grow flesh it will need to be upon the structure of the original – likely still legal by-laws – and not “using” the ill gotten gain brought forth through what they call the by-laws.

    But frankly it seems the foundations are gone.

  2. The problem is some if not most either stepped away from or were verbally slapped by Driscoll. Chan when he walked away from Cornerstone, I remember in the video Driscoll and Harris were relentlessly asking why, they couldn’t take Chan’s answer as it.

    In some cases pastors take a “you don’t go here, you have no say” approach. Only time will tell.

  3. The church IS the collection of believers in each location. They simply agree that the next week to meet in homes until a location is found… and POOF, this all goes away. Dave Bruskas has no one to bully if no one is sitting there listening.

  4. Actually, You don’t need to hear from them at all. You warn others about them. They are frauds– and you know now WHY they are in “ministry”. Some are distancing themselves ONLY now and remaining silent for a reason. Well, at least those who have not issued statements calling for prayer for Driscoll INSTEAD of his victims. It is all about them, their positions and brand. If folks have not figured that out by now, there is little hope for them.

    Time for all MH folks to admit they were sucked into a cult of sorts and ask themselves why. What were they really buying into? That is the only way we can mature.

  5. I for one have absolutely no desire to hear what Doug Wilson has to say, or write, about any of this. Or about anything at all for that matter.

  6. You all need to get over yourselves and quit whining. I truly question your motives. God has always used broken vessels but I’m not sure about broken records. Let MH take care of itself and go do your own thing. In fact do it like you keep saying it should be done. Enough.

  7. Thank you for this post. My husband and i were just saying that the “fathers” of the faith need to speak and help the children to know how to see this property and in a way that is honoring to the Lord. As a Christian how am i supposed to respond to ask of these varied and volitile accusations? How am i to know what is truth and what are kites? It all seems a terrible murky gray and it is defaming the cost of Christ. Please men of God, the good shepherds of the sheep, stand up, help the sheep and show us how to honor the Lord in this crisis. The sheep need help.

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