Four offended men who have not heard from Mark Driscoll.

discernment 1

Mark Driscoll wants to forget the past. But, as this excellent blog post clearly details disqualifying sins against four men in the past, Mark Driscoll has made no attempt of any kind to reach out to the four men sinned against.

Dr. E.S.Williams does an excellent job outlining the disqualifying behavior that has never been addressed by Mark Driscoll. Surely, in order to press forward, the past sins should be named and attempts to reconcile be hastily sought after.

Here is a link to “A Dearth of Discernment”.


5 thoughts on “Four offended men who have not heard from Mark Driscoll.

  1.  Mt 18 says that if you have a problem with him….”go to him…just between the two of you”.    Any other behavior is lawlessness, gossip and slander.

    • Mike, would you chide Paul for not following Matt 18 in 1 Corinthians 5 when he addressed the issue of the man sleeping with his step mother? And if refusing to repent, Matt 18 says to tell it to the church, right?

    • Interesting that you seem to have a problem with these four men, and yet you are not going to them, keeping it just between them and you.

      You are choosing to accuse four men of “lawlessness, gossip, and slander” on a public forum.

      Where is your Matthew 18 process, sir?

  2. Why don’t they go to Pastor Mark and meet with him. It can be recorded and put on the Internet if they do not like how the meeting goes. Not sure what Scripture would apply, but why don’t they do it? It might give them more evidence to support the cause of those who want to drive Driscoll out of the ministry for good. It can’t hurt. Bring witnesses, even. I say go for it.

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