Does the BOAA even care to hear the charges against Mark Driscoll?

i do not want to hear

Last year, when Dave Kraft sent Michael van Skaik, the chairman of the Mars Hill Church’s Board of Advisors and Accountability, a list of charges against Mark Driscoll, I was contacted by a former elder and encouraged to reach out to Mr. van Skaik with my issues with Mark Driscoll.

He clearly had no interest in hearing from me. There was no sense of concern, even after I told him that I had been lied to, slandered, threatened, and my character assassinated. He was only interested in getting me to submit to his newly decided rules of engagement.

There was no concern at all that I wanted to be heard, even less concern over the fact that I was a member claiming to have been harmed. Sadly, he was more interested in which elder recommended I reach out to him than he was in hearing my story.

If van Skaik is heading the current BOAA’s handling of the charges brought by the 20 anonymous elders, then I have little hope of there being a genuine desire to pursue justice or resolution.

Email and phone calls regarding charges against Mars Hill Church


5 thoughts on “Does the BOAA even care to hear the charges against Mark Driscoll?

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  3. It is so frustrating that no-one would listen to you. For what it’s worth, I experienced exactly the same response in my situation. I was an elder in a small, independent church with no ‘pastor’. When I tried to share with the board that a fellow elder was bullying me, I was told to submit to his ‘godly authority’ or resign!

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